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Fire Safety Reforms

Fire Safety Reforms

IMPORTANT ADVICE: NEW LEGISLATION coming into effect July 1st 2020. Annual Fire Safety Statements and Accredited Person Fire Safety To Our Valued Client, The 1st

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What is mechanical fire protection?

Mechanical fire protection: a definition In our context mechanical fire protection refers to air handling. To be pedantic, you could say a fire curtain or

What is a fire collar - passive stop

What is a fire collar?

Fire collars are passive fire protection A fire collar, also known as a firestop collar or pipe collar, is a fire protection device that  practitioners

Good Fire Protection What Is It

Why do I need fire protection?

Why do I need fire protection? Why do I need fire protection? is a question that business owners ask all the time, especially when they

fully comprehensive fire protection maintenance

Fully Comprehensive Maintenance

It’s about more than service… it’s about prevention! With typical service agreements, you pay money for priority service when there’s a problem. For a fixed

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New TextFix Service

The Convenience of ordering service via text messaging Do you have a request that needs to be addressed immediately? Worry no more! Here at Redmen, you

Fire Protection Management videos

Discover more about what we offer. We offer comprehensive fire safety services. We also offer training, including formal education from our very own registered training organisation (RTO).

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