How Often and Who can Test My Fire Safety Equipment?

How Often and Who can Test My Fire Safety Equipment?

Testing Fire Safety equipment

This is to ensure the safety of occupants in commercial, industrial and public buildings in the event of a fire or emergency. It is important to keep them well functioning, and regularly tested.

What Fire Safety Equipment needs testing?

Having well-working and easily accessible fire safety equipment is a vital safeguard to the residents and employees of facilities. This includes equipment like extinguishers, fire blankets, sprinklers and hydrants, fire and smoke doors, signage and management of flammable liquid cabinets. These all need to be tested, and certified.

How Often does Fire Safety Equipment need to be tested?

Fire Safety is a top priority to anyone in charge of their family’s wellbeing; business owners will be mindful of their employees, customers and investment. Fire systems downtime and failures can represent a major increase in risk, and possible major potential loss of lives, damage to your building and disruption (and loss of income) to your business. Fire extinguishers need to be tested and evaluated every six months, with more intricate systems requiring a more intensive maintenance schedule. You should have confidence that you’ve minimised the risk of being impacted by hazards, and aware of how to manage any that arise. Fire prevention and fire safety saves lives and property!

What is an Annual fire safety statement?

An Annual Fire Safety Statement is a document issued by the owners of an existing building to meet Australia’s strict Fire Safety Regulations. It must be supplied each year and include all the essential fire safety procedures and equipment that apply to that building. It is a guarantee from a licensed fire safety practitioner as accredited by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) that the house or building has complied with all relevant fire-safety measures and standards.  It will show on the statement that essential fire safety measures have been inspected, assessed and endorsed by the fire safety practitioner and that they follow regulation.

Fire Safety Reforms

Fire Safety Reforms

From the 1st July 2020, we saw a change to the NSW Government Legislation, which established Essential Fire Safety Measures. It now requires that only Person Fire Safety personnel accredited through the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) can endorse Annual Fire Safety Statements, which are then submitted to your Local Council and the New South Wales Fire and Rescue by the owner. Redmen have been working for many months to prepare for these changes. Redmen will have several staff members Fully Accredited. We have established a separate compliance team to ensure Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) are submitted on time, to ensure minimal disruption or down time to your company.

Can Redmen sign my Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)?

The short answer is no, the new legislation does not allow your fire system maintenance companies to sign the annual statement. This must only be done by the building owner or agent. Redmen’s accredited safety team can will attend site, review the site’s Fire Safety and if everything is compliant, they can endorse the Fire Safety Measures on the building’s AFSS. To ensure AFSS is submitted on time, Redmen must receive very prompt customer approval to repair and resolve any defects found. We have a dedicated AFSS Hotline to assist our clients: 02 8078 0308.

How can I reduce down-time-from-my Fire Safety Equipment

How can I reduce downtown from my Fire Safety Equipment?

Redmen offer a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan, which is a more comprehensive and inclusive fire safety equipment maintenance program, to ensure that risk of equipment breakdown is kept to an absolute minimum. Our clients report an overall cost savings of as much as 20% due to a greatly reduced breakdown rate. We provide a thorough inspection of all your fire systems and equipment, meaning total peace of mind for your business. We will make sure that requirements set out in the Building Code of Australia are met, and your systems remain up to the Australian Fire Safety Standards.

How do I obtain my Annual Fire Safety Statement endorsement?

A building owner must ensure that an annual fire safety statement for the building is issued each year, and hefty fines apply if a copy of the statement is unavailable when requested by relevant official parties. To make sure you meet these strict deadlines, the following flowchart will be followed to make sure that any defects are reported and repaired to complete the final audit quickly and efficiently;

  1. Service on essential fire safety equipment undertaken,
  2. Defects reported and quoted by maintenance contractor,
  3. Client approves repair of identified defects,
  4. Defects are repaired and/or solved by the maintenance contractor,
  5. Redmen accredited person audit the premises,
  6. Completion and submission of annual fire safety statement.

What does the Comprehensive Package include?

The Annual Fire Safety Statement is only one aspect of maintaining your building’s fire safety. Redmen’s experienced and qualified technicians can install a range of systems for fire detection, suppression and extinguishing. We also support our clients with a 24/7 emergency callout repair service, meaning you’ll never have to worry about not meeting your AFSS deadline, and that your systems never stop protecting you. Our satisfaction guaranteed comprehensive package includes:

  • Service, inspection and testing of all Fire Protection Equipment
  • Repairs due to wear and tear of all equipment
  • All maintenance as per AS 1851-2012
  • Fire extinguisher pressure test and refills
  • Exit light new batteries and tubes
  • Fire Hydrant and sprinkler flow testing
  • EWIS System dB noise level and intelligibility test
  • Fire booster pump and sprinkler system overhauls
  • All repair parts
  • Emergency Call Outs 24 hours a day
  • Fire Evacuation Training – 1 session per Year
  • Fire Evacuation Diagrams updated yearly
  • Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Why take risks on testing fire safety equipment when you could rely on Redmen?

Why take risks when you could rely on Redmen?

Be protective of your business, as well as compliant to regulations. Make sure your fire safety equipment is up to scratch, so that you have peace of mind they will function perfectly if they are ever needed. Our technicians are continually being trained, and their enthusiasm will be evident when you deal with them. Do you need your Annual Fire Safety Statement endorsed, or are you interested in our comprehensive safety package? Contact Redmen by calling 1300 733 636 today!

How often and who can test my Fire Safety Equipment?

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