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Could your fire protection company join with Redmen and be bigger and better? Or would you like to franchise with us?

What could your fire protection company achieve with more financial support? Have you considered, a supportive business partner to share the load? Or perhaps you have an interest in Fire Protection Franchising.

Mergers and acquisitions

We are looking to join with professional fire protection and training companies through mergers or acquisitions. We understand the mindset of small – medium business and can provide the needed support to achieve corporate and personal goals. We’re also interested in opening our systems to those interested in Fire Protection Franchising.

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Our company valuations are very generous and well above market norms.

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Fire Protection Franchising: Be Your Own Boss

What’s in it for you?

• Build a highly profitable independent service based business

• Access to Integrated Technical support systems

• Sales & Marketing Administration (SaMA) support provided

• Strong Brand Recognition

• Ongoing qualified training

• Work your own hours

• Build a Business you can sell for retirement

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The benefits of your own fire safety business

Fire protection franchising can be very beneficial to you as a franchisee. For example, the benefits include:

  • Improved profitability: Your client base and earnings will grow with the support of our marketing team and our proven business methodology. That means you can spend more on improving your business, and / or purchase those little luxuries of life, such as holidays.
  • Capital growth: Your business is an asset. Its ability to generate revenue will make it a sellable commodity. You could realise a substantial profit when you do choose to sell it, such as at retirement.
  • Flexibility: Our franchisee team members experience great  balance in their lives because they control their business. Book clients where and when it suits you. The fire protection franchising business does not restrict you to one location.
  • Satisfaction: One of the best parts of working in the fire protection business is that you’re helping people. That job satisfaction which comes with providing solutions for customer problems cannot be measured in financial terms.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in Fire Protection?

To succeed as a Redmen Fire Protection franchisee, we find that the following factors come into play:

  • Technical aptitude: Ideally you will have experience in fire safety inspection and testing. However, we are willing to consider those new to the industry. We have one of the finest technical training programs possible for our franchisees. We even have our own RTO (Registered Training Organisation). That provides you with Government recognised qualifications that you can use nationwide.
  • Commitment: As long as you have a commitment to upholding strict regulatory and company compliance standards, you will find success as a fire protection franchisee.
  • Sales and service: The most successful franchisees are good sales people. As well as selling solutions, you will  provide superlative follow-up service to clients. You’ll also be able to up-sell and cross-sell, and convince customers to commit to long term contracts. We will provide you with many leads in your service area but you will need to generate your own as well. Answering enquiries promptly will be key to success as a fire safety franchisee.
  • Business aptitude: Having your own business offers independence and flexibility. However, it also comes with responsibility. We have been running a successful fire protection business for over 40 years, so we will be able to provide you with a model with the business processes to emulate.

 About Redmen Fire Protection Management

We officially founded Redmen Fire Protection in 1998. However, before that, our then, and still current, CEO worked out of his garage in a humble suburb on New South Wales’ Central Coast, on Lake Macquarie, just south of Newcastle.

Since then we have grown to have nearly a hundred staff, and many hundreds of customers. You can find these customers all over the state from the Hunter Valley to Sydney and beyond. Despite that, we still have an emphasis on being a family business with ties to the community. And we still have a determination to run the best fire protection business in the country.

We also expanded to create other different companies in the premises safety business. These include divisions that provide evacuation diagrams, evacuation and emergency training. We even have our own registered training organisation (RTO) in fire protection training. These companies have moved beyond NSW and have a national focus.

The staff at any of our offices in Sydney and on the NSW Central Coast can offer a full service package for the best fire protection to our clients.

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