Fire Safety Reforms

Fire Safety Reforms

IMPORTANT ADVICE: NEW LEGISLATION coming into effect July 1st 2020.
Annual Fire Safety Statements and Accredited Person Fire Safety

To Our Valued Client,

The 1st July 2020 has seen the commencement of the Essential Fire Safety Reforms Measures. NSW Government Legislation now requires that ONLY Accredited Person (Fire Safety) endorse Council required Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS).

You then submit these to your Local Council and NSW Fire and Rescue. The Fire Protection Association Australia is the Accrediting Body and Redmen have been working for many months to prepare for these changes. Redmen will have several staff members Fully Accredited.

Due to Legislative changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 – Fire Protection Provisions, Redmen will have to adopt a New Policy and Process to facilitate and endorse Annual Fire Safety Statements. Redmen has established a separate Compliance team to ensure Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) are submitted on time (where all Essential Fire Safety Measure [EFSM – Fire equipment] are Compliant) and to answer any questions.

Please find attached NSW Government Media release detailing the Fire Safety Reforms changes and answering some Legislation questions. The changes are substantial and policy and procedure have had to change to accommodate.

Fire Safety Reforms FAQ

Q1: How will this affect our Current Maintenance Contract?

A1: From 1st July 2020 – The site audit and supportive work required to take place to be able to endorse an AFSS is now separate to the Provision within your Maintenance Contract. We will quote and show this separately on your quotation/invoice.

Q2: Will I be Invoiced separately?

A2: Yes – the Service provided by our Compliance Team will be quoted and invoiced separately as part of the overall maintenance package.

Fire Safety Reforms

Q3: Can Redmen Sign Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)?

A3: NO, the Legislation does NOT allow your fire company to sign Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). This MUST be done by the Building Owner or Agent. A Redmen Accredited Person Fire Safety will attend site, review the site’s Fire Safety and IF everything is compliant, ENDORSE only the Essential Fire Safety Measures on the AFSS.

Q4: Has the cost for an AFSS now increased?

A4: Yes due to Increased Insurance, Compliance, ongoing Training Costs our rate for Site Audit works has increased.

Q5: What will be the main effect on clients?

A5: To ensure the AFSS has an endorsement and submission on time and within the max 3 month legislated window, it is imperative that any repair works get approval and take place quickly.

Q6: What will happen with my existing Maintenance Contract?

A6: Everything as Normal – Your service work will be carried out as Normal by our trained and dedicated team. However, the works to endorse and submit the AFSS will be a separate service managed by our Compliance Team.

Q7: Can Redmen Endorse ALL our Essential Fire Safety Measures on the AFSS?

A7: YES – we have Invested heavily to ensure we have several staff, Accredited as Accredited Person Fire Safety, and can endorse any Essential Fire Safety Measure.

Q8: How does this effect your Professional Indemnity Coverage?

A8: Our insurance company has made it very clear, Redmen’s Obligation is to mitigate risk, we have developed a new Audit process, to assist this.

Q9: In the New Process how will the process change?

A9: As per the quick flow chart above, it is imperative than ANY Defects are reported, quoted, approved and undertaken quickly to ensure the APFS FSA can then attend site and undertake a final audit.

Q10: Does this mean the APFS FSA will need to attend site more than once?

A10: Depending on the type of Defect repairs, the APFS FSA may need to re-attend your site.

Q11: Will there be an additional cost for multiple site visits?

A11: Yes – If required to re-attend your site, there will be an additional cost.

Q12: How can I reduce my costs?

A12: We find that transferring your Current Contract to a Redmen ALL INCLUSIVE – COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACT has many benefits.

a) Defects are repaired automatically. APFS FSA Audits are included in the Cost

b) The Process is much faster than standard maintenance Contracts

c) Less Administration.

To ensure AFSS is submitted on time Redmen must receive very prompt customer approval to repair / resolve any defects found, this will be critical to ensure the AFSS deadline date can be met, as potential council fines are substantial.

We have commenced a AFSS Hotline: to answer your fire safety reforms questions or please call me direct.

Brett Gordon
General Manager
Phone Direct: 0422 089 506
Skype: redmen.brett

If you require such a service, kindly email your details to Our customer support team are available to answer your questions.

You can also download this Fire Safety Reforms page in a handy brochure.

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Fire Safety Reforms

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