What is mechanical fire protection?

What is mechanical fire protection?

Mechanical fire protection: a definition

In our context mechanical fire protection refers to air handling. To be pedantic, you could say a fire curtain or a sprinkler is a mechanical device, i.e. a machine. For example, how does a fire curtain work? The curtain will remain inside the headbox until triggered by a local detector or fire alarm control panel. In the event of a fire, the fire curtain will descend, sealing off an opening.

However, when we fire protection professionals talk about mechanical fire protection we’re talking about machines that move air around. Specifically air that contains smoke, vapor and other fumes produced by a fire.

So here we will restrict the topic to that.

Mechanical fire protection and air handling

Mechanical fire protection refers to the air handling systems and devices used to control and suppress fires in buildings and other structures. These systems rely on mechanical components, equipment, and technologies to enhance fire safety and mitigate the risks associated with fire incidents. Mechanical fire protection measures work in conjunction with other fire safety measures, such as building design, fire prevention practices, and evacuation plans, to provide comprehensive fire protection.

A key component and example of mechanical fire protection is Smoke Control Systems. These systems help manage smoke movement within a building during a fire incident. Smoke dampers and pressurization systems are examples of mechanical devices used to contain, control, or exhaust smoke, improving visibility for evacuation and aiding firefighting efforts.

It’s important to note that mechanical fire protection measures are typically guided by local building codes, regulations, and industry standards to ensure proper installation, maintenance, and effectiveness. These measures aim to safeguard life, protect property, and provide a safe environment in the event of a fire.

Overall, fire protection is essential for protecting people, property, and business continuity. It is important to consult with a qualified fire protection professional to determine the appropriate fire protection measures for your specific needs.

In February 2023 we created a partnership with Waratah Air in Caringbah in the Shire in Sydney’s Southern Suburbs to offer:

  • Annual visit of strata sites to facilitate the Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS). They will endorse the AFSS based on its compliance with Government standards
  • They will also assist with any repairs at low additional cost as defined in your existing agreement with RedMen.
  • Any other mechanical services that you require to maintain safety and compliance.

Waratah Air is a Google 5 star rated Air Conditioning installer and maintainer with its home office in Caringbah. As part of the Redmen group’s commitment to quality and customer service we have formed an alliance with Waratah. They will provide our valued strata customers with the essential Government mandated compliance documentation, the AFSS, as well as other mechanical services.

Waratah mechanical fire protection air handling logo
Waratah mechanical fire protection air handling logo

As a key service supplier to RedMen, you will have the same great service from Waratah Air personnel as you would get from your usual RedMen technician.

Contact RedMen Fire Protection Management today.

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Waratah mechanical fire protection air handling logo

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