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Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback

The Power of Feedback…

We always love hearing when we’ve hit the mark!

Reviews and feedback, especially the constructive kind, help us spot areas where we can improve. They’re like our secret weapon, making sure our services keep up with the ever-changing safety measures in the Australian Fire Protection Industry. At Redmen we are all about offering the best results we possibly can, so we are all ears!


Del, Owner Occupier and Strata Committee Member
Del, Owner Occupier and Strata Committee Member
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James Brindley was very professional, polite, clean, great at what he does and I would adopt him if it was an option. Very happy with the job and how it was done. He is an awesome carpenter but a better human being.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith
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Excellent Service , Very Helpful staff Quick response to all your question. Highly Recommend it
Pete Beamish
Pete Beamish
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Fantastic Business..... Exceeded my expectations!

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