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Fire Dampers

What are Fire Dampers?

A fire in a building can result in injury, even death, and destruction. Fire, hot gases and smoke spread through stairways, lift-shafts, corridors, ducts and other openings and passageways.

Fire dampers help to contain a fire. They do so by providing a barrier between compartments where a fire might take hold.

A fire damper is designed to, and required to, close automatically upon detection of heat (via something such as a fusible link or heat detector). The purpose is to interrupt airflow and to restrict the passage of flame.

The inspection and maintenance of fire dampers is a mandatory requirement of the annual fire safety maintenance and certification schedule. The maintenance of fire and smoke dampers is documented in AS1851, Section 18.

Fire and smoke compartmentation is a mandatory requirement of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Any opening in a wall or ceiling will create additional risks in the event of a fire, so it must be fully sealed to prevent drafts. Fire dampers help prevent the transmission of heat, flames, and smoke.

Invest in fire protection. Fire damper maintenance is key to safety.

Redmen Fire Protection Management helps business owners in Newcastle, Sydney, the Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley protect what matters to them. That is, their people and their property. We offer consulting services to help you with the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia when it comes to fire safety. We handle the fire dampers service and maintenance.

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Fire Dampers maintenance example courtesy r Belimo Automation AG

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