Alarm Signaling Equipment (ASE)

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Alarm Signaling Equipment (ASE)

The Alarm Signaling Equipment or ASE is a RED BOX. You will find it typically mounted either:

What does Alarm Signaling Equipment do?

It receives an alarm signal from the Fire Panel or Sprinkler System and transmits that signal to the Monitoring Service Provider. The signal normally goes via the mobile phone network.

The primary purpose of the Alarm Signaling Equipment is to monitor and transmit an alarm signal from one of the following:

  • a fire detector (heat, smoke, flame or carbon-monoxide)
  • a manual call point (also known as a break glass alarm)
  • the operation of an automatic fire sprinkler system (alarm pressure switch or water flow switch)
  • the disablement (closure) of a monitored water supply valve via a monitoring device

This device is regulated according to Australian Standards. Alarm Signalling Equipment has to to comply with AS 4428.6-1997 or AS 7240.21-2006 and needs to be capable of receiving and transmitting ‘isolate’ and ‘fault’ signals.

Our company provides Alarm Signaling Equipment to suit what ever environment you need coverage for.

Please contact us if you wish to get more information about the applicability of these devices. Our staff in our Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast NSW offices will help you get the right Alarm Signaling Equipment.

Alarm Signaling Equipment ASE

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